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Gitt Realty Services LLC

Success Begins with Proper Professional Advice

It all begins here. Gitt Realty Services LLC is here to provide you with the support and information you need in order to make smart commercial investment decisions, and reach the pinnacle of success. Fill out the form below to get started.

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Gitt Realty Services, LLC:


*Unique 1031 trade strategies 

*52 years of commercial real estate experience

*Past ownership of 3 million square feet

*Off market properties nationwide in all price ranges and asset groups

*Consulting for selling, buying or exchanging income properties

*Introductions to partnerships with experienced developers

*Finding equity for various transactions

*Passive income strategies

What is the Goal, the Background and the Vision of our Services?

~To guide and lend our 50 years of commercial real estate experiences through the past ownership of 3 million sq. ft. that includes all asset groups and hands on methodology…from purchasing assets, arranging financing, upgrading, managing, refinancing and ultimately helping the investor sell for a profit.

~Trading thru 1031 practices to help clients avoid long term capital gains as well as recapture from past depreciation.

Gitt Realty Services, LLC, a licensed real estate company in Missouri has alliances with licenses in practically every state in the USA, so that we can guide your sale or trade or purchase without any difficulty.

We are currently trying to accommodate deals ranging from 1.5 million to 190 million, in different asset groups such as retail, office, apartments and industrial.

With our relationships nationally with most of the major players in all asset groups, we can and will with the dialing of a phone ,reach all the major decision makers and astute investors to find out the true answers to your questions if we don’t have them ourselves.

This is what 50 years in relationships bring to our clients.

Being a regular broker who only learns from a course or book, is not the same as having my experience of owning and managing my own properties while also being involved in millions of sq. ft. with partners over the course of my 52 years of real estate history.

Let myself and my team bring this degree of sophistication to your side of the ledger.

Call 314 757 -1031 or write     

Always consult with your Tax Authority before doing a commercial transaction.

The material contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell and is not an offer to buy real estate or securities.  Investments are not suitable for all investors and some investments are only available to accredited investors.  Such offers are made only by a sponsor's memorandum.  No investment process is free of risk and there is no guarantee that the investment process described herein will be profitable.  Investors may lose all of their investments. Past performance is not indicative of current or future performance and is not a guarantee. The information provided is as of the date referenced. Securities offered through Great Point Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Gitt Realty Services, LLC and Great Point are not affiliated.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The materials in this electronic mail transmission (including all attachments) are private and confidential and are the property of the sender. The information contained in the material may be legally privileged and is intended only for the use of the named addressee(s). If you are not the intended addressee be advised that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this material is strictly prohibited. If you have received this electronic mail transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender by telephone or electronic message and thereafter, destroy it immediately.


Jeff Gitt 


History and Background


Jeffrey Gitt

Founder/Managing Broker

Jeffery Gitt started speculating with homes in St. Louis, guided by

his father and uncle at Gitt  & Sons Real Estate, a company that was started by his grandfather some 50 years earlier. Initially expanding to apartments, Jeff  earned over a million dollars by the age 30 from purchasing real estate cheaply, adding value and then re-selling it. Back in the 1970's, that was a large amount of money to earn! Continuing this success, he started an apartment locating business called Apartment Cinema (the first of its kind), which used a revolutionary method for helping landlords fill their vacancies. Potential renters would come to Apartment Cinema, where photos and other details of many apartments complexes in St. Louis were able to be seen all in one location. They no longer had to spend an entire Sunday afternoon going all over St. Louis to look.

After buying and selling apartments for years (15) Jeff decided to go into commercial real estate where he could again use his ability to find a good undervalued deal, add value and make it profitable. Years later he started 1031-NNN-properties, specializing in triple and double net deals along with 1031 exchanges that blossomed into the present Westwood Net Lease Advisors LLC. Westwood is now a prominent 1031 triple net website with immense popularity related to commercial real estate transactions. The team has completed over a billion dollars of transactions in the past few years, in fact recently Westwood completed  a $90M 1031 trade for a client!

Jeff has been the past owner and operator of over 3 million sq. ft. of different asset groups from office, warehouse, airport parking lots, apartments, strip centers, as well as single and double net retail properties. He has also developed numerous commercial buildings. In other words...Jeff has had experience in almost everything to do with commercial real estate from buying, leasing, selling and developing. Not to mention finding equity partners for larger deals.

And now, at age 73, Jeff has decided to retire from Westwood. He thought about retiring from real estate altogether, but knew he would be bored and restless. As he loves what he does, he instead decided to start his own smaller boutique firm, Gitt Realty Service, LLC.,  guiding investors, sellers and independent brokers through real estate transactions. With his vast experience and his love of talking to people around the country and all over the world, Jeff can find solutions for every commercial real estate problem. And with off market deals, a multitude of relationships and alternative strategies at his fingertips, Jeff is the one who can help you with any real estate from start to finish.


Susan Gitt

Brokerage and Sales

Susan Gitt graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a degree in Special Education in 1973, working in the school system for 6 years. She continued with other careers that included being co-owner of Horns Haberdashery, a fine traditional men's and women's clothier in her hometown of Clayton, Mo. for 11 years. Next up, she became the Ralph Lauren eyewear rep for the State of Mo., where during her 3 years tenure she became the top sales person for the United States territory. She went to a management position in her family business, Schultz Company, which manufactured and sold lawn and garden products around the world. As that company sold out to United Industries in 2000, she shortly retired but retirement was not for her. As her husband was involved in all aspects of commercial real estate since graduating from college, he saw the need in 2000 to add an arm to his business focusing primarily on triple net properties.  It was the challenge of something new and exciting that brought Susan back into the work place where she became involved in commercial real estate, co-founding Westwood Net Lease Advisors with her husband, Jeff Gitt, helping clients buy and sell triple net properties around the country.  It was during that time that Westwood became one of the largest boutique 1031 exchange firms in the industry. In 2008, Susan got her series 63 and series 22 securities licenses so that she was able to further help 1031 clients as well as cash investors. She continues to work on the securities side through Great Point Capital Advisors LLC and enjoys finding solutions for her clients.  She has tremendous patience, educates clients along the way and delivers various solutions that stress preservation of capital along with steady income and possible future growth.  All of this has led to clients referring Susan of their family and friends as well as then reinvesting into other products. Susan makes friends wherever she goes! she has since retired from Westwood and joined Gitt Realty Services LLC to resume her normal real estate practice as well as the security business.

Susan Gitt

314 374 5014


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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

Portrait of Senior Woman

Jeff and Susan Gitt have guided us for the past 40 years in commercial and apartment investment properties that maintained monthly income, gave us reduction of tax consequences and increased in value throughout the entire holding period.

William and Dorothy Firestone  St Louis, Mo.

William and Dorothy Firestone

Male Portrait

Talk about experts in their field, the GITTS Have the experience, high ethical standards, and never ending work ethic to enable their clients to gain investment property success When purchasing, selling and exchanging income property nationwide.

Joe Molle

Senior Man

Jeff and Susan Gitt have the National relationships and connections to Enable their clients to be introduced to unique strategies , off market properties, passive income and reduced taxes associated with commercial real estate.

John Panfil

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Paving The Way

Learn more about all the incredible clients who have worked with Gitt Realty Services LLC in the past. Their success was a true priority, and so is yours. Read about their journey, and submit your own details below to get started.

Client 5

Thien Ng

Creative Synergy

Sold Dr. Ng a retail shopping center for a 1031 trade strategy and also retail single tenant property for passive income as well as value add investments for higher returns over a 15 year period

Client 6


Successful Collaboration

We match up equity partners with property owners nationwide such as value add pros that are in need of equity.
Mostly off market and can range into the hundreds of millions.

Client 4

William Firestone

Valued Client

Sold the Firestones millions of dollars of apartments and retail  managed their property and sold their property for large profits while doing 1031 trades in the end to defer taxes.

Client 1

Harold Sher

Creative Synergy

After the family sold a nursing home facility it wanted steady income and avoid a tax so we had them purchase numerous investment properties that included office industrial, apartments and retail, managed and leased the units and sold off many for a profit in a 20 year span.

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