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Susan Gitt

Brokerage and Sales

Susan Gitt graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a degree in Special Education in 1973,working in the school system for 6 years. She continued with other careers that included being co-owner of Horns Haberdashery, a fine traditional men's and women's clothier in her hometown of Clayton, Mo. for 11 years. Next up, she became the Ralph Lauren eyewear rep for the State of Mo., where during her 3 years tenure she became the top sales person for the United States territory. She went to a management position in her family business, Schultz Company, which manufactured and sold lawn and garden products around the world. As that company sold out to United Industries in 2000, she shortly retired but retirement was not for her. As her husband was involved in all aspects of commercial real estate since graduating from college, he saw the need in 2000 to add an arm to his business focusing primarily on triple net properties.  It was the challenge of something new and exciting that brought Susan back into the work place where she became involved in commercial real estate, co-founding Westwood Net Lease Advisors with her husband, Jeff Gitt, helping clients buy and sell triple net properties around the country.  It was during that time that Westwood became one of the largest boutique 1031 exchange firms in the industry. In 2008, Susan got her series 63 and series 22 securities licenses so that she was able to further help 1031 clients as well as cash investors. She continues to work on the securities side through Great Point Capital Advisors and enjoys finding solutions for her clients.  She has tremendous patience, educates clients along the way and delivers various solutions that stress preservation of capital along with steady income and possible future growth.  All of this has led to clients referring Susan of their family and friends as well as then reinvesting into other products. Susan makes friends wherever she goes! she has since retired from Westwood and joined Gitt Realty Services LLC to resume her normal real estate practice as well as the security business.


Susan Gitt

314 374 5014

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