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Jeffrey Gitt

Founder/Managing Broker

Jeffery Gitt started speculating with homes in St. Louis, guided by

his father and uncle atGitt  & Sons Real Estate, a company that was started by his grandfather some 50 years earlier. Initially expanding to apartments, Jeff  earned over a million dollars by the age 30 from purchasingreal estate cheaply, adding value and then re-selling it. Back in the 1970's, that was a large amount of money to earn! Continuing this success,  he started an apartment locating business called Apartment Cinema (the first of its kind), which used a revolutionary method for helping landlords fill their vacancies. Potential renters would come to    Apartment Cinema, where photos and other details of many apartments complexes in St. Louis were able to be seen all in one location.They no longer had to spend an entire Sunday afternoon going all over St. Louis to look.

After buying and selling apartments for years (15) Jeff decided to go into commercial real estate where he could again use his ability to find a good undervalued deal, add value and make it profitable. Years later he started 1031-NNN-properties, specializing in triple and double net deals along with 1031 exchanges that blossomed into the present Westwood Net Lease Advisors LLC. Westwood is now a prominent 1031 triple net website with immense popularity related to commercial real estate transactions. The team has completed over a billion dollars of transactions in the past few years, in fact recently Westwood completed  a $90M 1031 trade for a client!

Jeff has been the past owner and operator of over 3 million sq. ft. of different asset groups from office, warehouse, airport parking lots, apartments, strip centers, as well as single and double net retail properties. He has also developed numerous commercial buildings. In other words...Jeff has had experience in almost everything to do with commercial real estate from buying, leasing, selling and developing. Not to mention finding equity partners for larger deals.

And now, at age 73, Jeff has decided to retire from Westwood. He thought about retiring from real estate altogether, but knew he would be bored and restless. As he loves what he does, he instead decided to start his own smaller boutique firm, Gitt Realty Service, LLC.,  guiding investors, sellers and independent brokers through real estate transactions. With his vast experience and his love of talking to people around the country and all over the world, Jeff can find solutions for every commercial real estate problem. And with off market deals, a multitude of relationships and alternative strategies at his fingertips, Jeff is the one who can help you with any real estate from start to finish.

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